Tenant FAQ

Our qualified and professional Property Management Specialists boast over 70 years of combined experience in the industry and at Devine Property we know that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to the successful management of property investment.

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What is a bond?

A security deposit or bond is a payment placed in trust while the property is being rented. It protects the property owner in case you leave without notice and/or damages the property. In Tasmania, bond payments are equal to four weeks rent and are required to be paid before you move into the property. If the property has been maintained, no repairs are required and all rent has been paid, your bond will be returned in full at the end of the lease.

How do I pay the bond?

Once your tenancy has been approved, you can your bond payments in person at Service Tasmania with your signed Bond Lodgement Form. The bond payment is then held by the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA) until the end of your lease.

Will the rent increase?

In Tasmania, the Residential Tenancy act allows for rent to be increased every 12 months. However, Devine Property maintains an open approach to all fee changes and will notify you of any rental increases well before they are introduced.

What will happen if my rent is late?

If you know your rent payment is going to be late, it is in your best interest to advise your Property Manager as soon as possible. Devine Property upholds strong relationships with both tenants and property owners, however, we adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to unexplained late payments.

If this becomes a common occurrence, or your rent falls severely behind, you may be issued with a Breach Notice. The next step is an early termination of your Lease Agreement and eviction, plus listing on a tenancy default database.

Do I need to ask permission for someone to move in with me even if they do not want to be on the lease?

Yes. You must always notify your Property Manager if you wish to have another person move into the property. This person must complete a tenancy application form and be approved by the owner prior to moving in, regardless of whether their name will be included in the lease agreement or not.

What is considered an urgent repair?

As all maintenance issues are different, we ask that you use your best judgment in assessing whether the situation is an emergency or not.


Below is a list of some of the general issues that may constitute an emergency.

1:  Personal Injury: Contact 000 immediately.

2:  Fire: Contact 000 immediately. Then notify Devine Property.

3:  Flood: If there is flooding in your home, please turn off the water at the mains and call our office immediately.

4:  Heat: If the heater in your home is not working, please call your Property Manager.

5:  Water: If the water in your home is not working at all, please call TasWater, then contact our office immediately. If the hot water in your home is not working, please contact your Property Manager.

6:  Blocked Toilet: This is only considered an emergency if the blocked toilet is the only toilet in your home. Please try to use a plunger before contacting your Property Manager. Blockages caused by tenant misuse may be charged back to the tenant.


Should I get contents insurance?

It is not a legal requirement for a tenant to take out Contents Insurance, however we do strongly recommend it. An owner’s insurance does not cover damage or loss of any of your personal belongings.

Can I have a pet?

If you have not been approved to have a pet at the property, you must submit a written request to your Property Manager. Only once you receive written approval and sign a Pet Agreement can you have a pet in or on the property. Any damages caused to the property (including gardens) by an animal will be your responsibility to repair.

My lease is ending soon. What are the next steps?

Prior to your lease ending, we will contact you regarding a possible lease renewal. If you choose to move out at the end of your lease, you are required to provide 14 days notice.