Tasmania has found its space

This will be the first time we have carried a supplement under our new name and brand – Devine Property.

The market has changed dramatically – it is more mature, more active, and more discerning.

The table below tells the story. The last five years have seen unprecedented growth in both the residential and commercial sector.

We have made the change because we believe we can best serve the market by adapting and responding to the immediate issues in our city, our state, our space!

It is our view that the market can be better served by us changing the focus of our business, by moving away from a franchise brand. It will enable us to have a more singular focus on our clients, and on the property market more generally.

We do not believe in being passive about these changes. The market has responded, and will continue to respond, to a range of issues. The higher demand for property from investors has exposed a shortfall in available options, the expansion of AirBNB into the residential sector has placed strains on the traditional rental market, the University’s move into the centre of our cities will change the very fabric of the CBD, the decision by Councils regarding building height restrictions has created a level of uncertainty, the move by the government to introduce a single statewide planning scheme remains unresolved and the continuing growth in traffic numbers (without the infrastructure to cope) are placing strains on the road network.

We will be lending our voice to these issues and reflecting on these and other matters in our regular publications. We will be producing a monthly newsletter, as well as providing information in this quarterly supplement as a vehicle for expressing our view on such matters.

We look forward to providing quality service to our clients, to being a respected voice within the community and informing the broader Hobart community on those matters that are affecting their living and working spaces.