Style your property like a pro

Our team are often asked what a seller should be doing to prepare their home for sale. Certainly, styling and presentation of a property impacts the look and feel of the photography, video and personal inspections of a home.

An empty space can be uninspiring, and often people struggle to visualise how to utilise spaces in a home if there is no furniture in place, or how functional a space can be.

Property styling is a simple way for your home to be presented in its best form, with stylists having access to a whole catalogue of current furniture, art and accessories to present your home in a magazine-like style.

You might feel that buyers see straight through the professional styling and it’s not worth the investment. However, we see significant increase in enquiry and activity with styled or well-presented homes.

If you are living on site and have your furniture in place, styling won’t be for you, but there are some simple tips and tricks we can help you implement. You could also have an in-house consult from a stylist to get you on the right path.

Some simple changes will help your home shine, which will in turn help you achieve the highest possible price in the market. Such as:

  • Clear all clutter and depersonalise your home – this allows buyers to imagine themselves living there, not see so much how you live.
  • Clear kitchen benches and shelves and style with some simple kitchen accessories, potted herbs and a cookbook.
  • Remove all toiletries and cleaning products from display in the bathroom.
  • Make up all beds in simple plain white linen: this will give a uniform feel throughout the home and give a blank canvas for a cosy throw rug or scatter cushions.
  • Ensure all light globes are working and in a matching shade of warm white.
  • Pack away toys, clothing and paperwork into neat baskets or cupboards.
  • Introduce simple greenery with potted plants or vase of white or green based arrangements.
  • Sweep leaves away from the deck and front door area and brighten the space with a fresh door mat. In Winter, an interior mat just inside the main entry is also a great idea.
  • Freshly mowed lawn and a load of mulch on garden beds helps your garden shine at any time of the year.

We see homes every day and can offer you personalised advice. Another great way to get ideas is to look through real estate listings online and look at the various styles of presentation to see what stands out from the crowd.

If you are looking to sell in the coming months, now is the time to chat with our team and plan the presentation of your home to get the best result.