Should we sell in Winter?

As we approach Winter, property watchers will be aware that this season is not generally considered an ideal time to put property on the market.

However, there are a number of reasons why someone might choose to sell at this time of year. Likewise, buyers do remain active throughout this season. Winter certainly seems to be quieter, but savvy vendors make this work to their advantage and the active buyers during winter are serious contenders.

If you have a cosy home, that gets great light, buyers certainly feel that if they like it in Winter, they know they will love it in warmer months. Combined with beating the Spring rush that will have you competing with many more listings, a Winter sale can prove to be a great move.

Aim to make your home an escape from the Winter chill by ensuring it is well lit with warm, glowing light. Where you can, try to schedule daytime inspections to take advantage of maximum sunlight. Likewise, heating is vital. Make sure the temperature throughout the house is inviting during inspections, and fix any doors or windows that allow the cold to seep in.

The right decor is important; warm colours and textures and small touches like a throw rug on the couch create the right atmosphere. And if you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, use it to your advantage! We will help by adding touches such as music and a candle glowing during each inspection.

To help create the best first impression, pay attention to the facade of your home. Before each inspection clear the path or front step of any debris and rake up any leaves. Investing in a decent mat for inside the front door will give people somewhere to wipe their shoes or remove them before walking through the home.

Keep in mind that during Winter bad weather and Winter sport commitments may interfere with open home attendance, so try to be flexible with viewing times and prepare a list of times that work for you so your agent can arrange private and follow-up inspections.

If selling is on your mind, don’t be deterred by the change in season. Tasmanians especially appreciate a warm space, and Winter is the time to show that your property will always be a peaceful retreat, regardless of the season.