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Glovers Road

Land / Site Area 491 hectare



‘Soldiers Marsh’ is an extensive area of grassland, moorland and forest about 27km north of Bothwell in Tasmania’s central highlands. This remaining block offers plenty of space and privacy and would suit a keen conservationist or a conservation-minded deer hunter. Legal access to the property is via a proposed ‘right of way’ through State Forest from the end of Glovers Rd.
The nearest services are approximately 27km away in Bothwell.
Part of the title will be excluded from the protective covenants to allow use and development by future owners including the construction of a house and boundary fences (STCA).

Conservation Values

The property contains extensive areas of native grassland and moorland fringed by old growth swamp peppermint (Eucalyptus roadway) forest. Forest on the ridges of the property has been extensively logged, but is regenerating well. The property provides suitable habitat for several threatened fauna species, including Wedge-tailed Eagles and Tasmanian Devils


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