Landlord FAQ

Devine Property is one of the few companies that can offer a total real estate solution covering all property classifications residential, retail, industrial, commercial, hotel and business broking. This broad range of expertise offers enhanced opportunities for our clients to consider alternate forms of investment, management or asset disposal.

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How do you go about choosing the right tenant for my property?

We make sure that two critical prerequisites are met:
– The tenant is able to pay the rent.
– The tenant will look after your property.
With this in mind, we commit to processing applications within 48 hours. We also contact owners with a final update on the applicant’s details prior to signing the new Tenancy Agreement.

What choices do I have in choosing the tenant?

You will always have the final say. Our team will work hard to recommend the most suitable applicant, but in the end, the decision is yours.

Routine inspections, maintenance & reviews

We will carry out at least 3-4 periodic inspections of your property each year. We will provide you with a detailed report each time (with photos of any issues if evident)

Rental payment

We offer a number of electronic and in-person payment methods for tenants. Once received, rental income is deposited directly into your nominated bank account. Should a rent payment become overdue we will make repeated contact with the tenant through phone calls, written advice and text messages.