In support of SHE

Devine Property are proud supporters of S.H.E Gynaecological Cancer Group as they provide care packs to Tasmanian Gynaecological Cancer patients. 

S.H.E Gynaecological Cancer Group is a small Tasmanian not for profit working to make a big impact supporting individuals and families affected by gynaecological cancers, including ovarian, endometrial/uterine, cervical, fallopian, vagina and vulva. Gynaecological cancer in general is one of most devastating cancers for women but sadly suffers from very little funding for research and little public awareness.

On a mission to change this, S.H.E Gynaecological Cancer Group offers much needed support to women and their families who are affected. There is a long way to go to bring attention to this very important issue. As there is currently no early detection of any gynaecological cancer except for cervical cancer, S.H.E are performing an essential service in raising awareness and advocating for change. They are currently raising money to assist with introducing care packs for gynaecological cancer patients to help them through treatment.

In the midst of COVID lockdown earlier this year, the Chairperson and Founder undertook extensive research and developed a Care Pack containing numerous Tasmanian made products that will benefit patients undergoing treatment. Many patients find that their usual personal care products can no longer be used as they contain high levels of toxins which can cause further damage to their skin, which is extra susceptible to sensitivity and damage during treatment. These Care Packs aim to give all women access to essential products and educate them on the day to day of living with their diagnosis.

It is S.H.E’s vision to make these Care Packs available as a gift to ALL Tasmanian patients who are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer. The Care Pack has been thoughtfully curated and includes a booklet detailing each product and where they can be purchased, along with our newly developed journal that will help patients keep track of medical appointments, as well as how they are feeling, what exercise they have done and some beautiful positive affirmations to assist with mental wellbeing.

Join Devine in supporting S.H.E to raise money and realise their vision of continuing to make their Care Packs readily available. Thank you for your consideration of this incredible cause, every dollar makes a big difference!

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