Devine Property is supporting SHE

S.H.E Gynaecological Cancer Group is a small Tasmanian not for profit working to make a big impact supporting individuals and families affected by Gynaecological Cancer (Ovarian, Endometrial/Uterine, Cervical, Fallopian, Vagina and Vulva).

The Board consists of 8 women who all donate time and effort to do what we can to help these families and raise awareness – Gynaecological Cancer in general is one of the biggest killers in women and with little money for research the survival rate is around 47%.

Having supported a number of patients throughout their treatment and recovery, we know that at the time of diagnosis your world is seemingly tipped on its head and receiving such news seems surreal and unfair. It is at this point that patients often learn that their favoured personal care products can no longer be used as they contain high levels of toxins which can cause further damage to skin that is susceptible to sensitivity and damage during treatment. Through our work we have also learned that this lack of knowledge and understanding of what personal care products are best suited to use throughout treatment and recovery, and where to find these beneficial products, is a huge gap in available resources!

In the midst of COVID lockdown earlier this year, the Chairperson and Founder undertook extensive research and developed a Care Pack containing numerous Tasmanian made products that will benefit patients undergoing treatment, and gifted it to a newly diagnosed patient.

It is SHE’s vision to create and make these Care Packs available as a gift to ALL Tasmanian patients when they are newly diagnosed with Gynaecological Cancer.

The Care Pack has been thoughtfully curated and includes a booklet detailing each product and where they can be purchased, along with our newly developed journal that will help patients keep track of medical appointments, how they are feeling, what exercise they have done and some beautiful affirmations along the way to help them keep positive in this time.

SHE is raising money and support for the SHE Care Packs to realise our vision of making them available as gifts for the patients.

Thank you for your consideration and support of S.H.E Gynaecological Cancer Group’s work in Tasmania.

Devine Property are sponsoring the remainder of the care packages that will go to Tasmanian patients.

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